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Royal Three Counties Show 2017

By thbc, Jun 19 2017 11:39AM

Sunday 18th June 2017

Judge: Mr S Gray, Herefordshire

Male and Breed Champion: Albany Lincoln, F W Cook & Son

Female and Reserve Breed Champion: Gavelock Curly, Mr C Redmayne

Bull, born before 1st January 2016

1st: Albany Lincoln, F W Cook & Son

2nd: Carpenters Hal, Mrs H MacLeod

3rd: Albany Leyland, F W Cook & Son

Bull, born on or after 1st January 2016

1st: Poolhullock Demon, JSJ Helme

2nd: Carpenters Zeus, Mrs H MacLeod

Cow, in calf or in milk, born before 1st January 2015

1st: Carpenters Curly 2nd, Mrs H MacLeod

2nd: Dornley Amethyst 6th, Mr C Ball

Heifer, born in 2015

1st: Carpenters Venus 12th, Mrs H MacLeod

Heifer, born on or after 1st January 2016

1st: Gavelock Curly, Mrs C Redmayne

2nd: Albany Lapwing, F W Cook & Son

3rd: Albany Luna, F W Cook & Son

Pictured below: Champion Albany Lincoln and Reserve Gavelock Curly