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By thbc, Jun 23 2016 10:11AM

The THBC would like to thank all those at both Brynmawr Farm and Cow Hall in Shropshire who put together such a wonderful day for the Club meeting and summer herd visit on 22nd June.

The day began with a Club meeting in the straw-insulated building at Brynmawr Farm, a care farm and visitor centre who use their cattle, sheep and organic farmland to educate and provide opportunities for a wide variety of people.

Following a walk round the Brynmawr cattle and a tasty lunch, the group moved on to see another organically-managed herd at Cow Hall, where we were introduced to some Soil Association trials using diverse leys of legumes and grasses to improve silage yields and quality, as well as for use within arable rotations.

Photos by Lida Stork

By thbc, Jun 20 2016 12:29PM

Sunday 19th June 2016

Judge: Mr E Mills

Female and Breed Champion

Albany Showgirl, Mrs C Redmayne

Male and Reserve Breed Champion

Baytal Gabriel, C & M Ball

Reserve Female Champion

Carpenters Silver 3rd, Mrs H MacLeod

Reserve Male Champion

Albany Lucifer, F W Cook & Son

Senior male, born on or before 31st December 2014

1st: Baytal Gabriel, C & M Ball

2nd: Street Mark, Mr D Powell

Junior male, born on or after 1st January 2015

1st: Albnay Lucifer, F W Cook & Son

2nd: Gavelock Raedwald, Mrs C Redmayne

3rd: Herouldmede Tarquin, Woods van Beele Partnership

Senior female, born on or before 31st December 2013

1st: Albany Showgirl, Mrs C Redmayne

2nd: Boresisle Regina 41st, Mrs C Redmayne

3rd: Carpenters Curly 2nd, Mrs H MacLeod

4th: Carpenters Venus 4th, Mrs H MacLeod

Female, born in 2014

1st: Olde House Dowager 12th, Woods van Beele Partnership

2nd: Carpenters Curly 3rd, Mrs H MacLeod

Junior female, born on or after 1st January 2015

1st: Carpenters Silver 3rd, Mrs H MacLeod

2nd: Carpenters Venus 12th, Mrs H MacLeod

Best pair of cattle, owned by the exhibitor

Carpenters Silver 3rd and Carpenters Venus 12th, Mrs H MacLeod

Photos below by Lida Stork

Breed Champion Albany Showgirl from Mrs C Redmayne

Adam Henson presents the Championship prizes

By thbc, Jun 17 2016 10:59AM

Gordon Groom

Stockman available for work with experience of Original Population Herefords

Currently located in East Anglia but willing to relocate to anywhere in the UK

07468 578825

01842 550529

By thbc, May 26 2016 12:03PM

All are welcome to the annual THBC Summer Herd Visit, to be held on Wednesday 22nd June by kind permission of Trevor and Paul Wheeler, Brynmawr Farm, and Joy Greenall and Mark Measures, Cow Hall.

The format will be as follows:

10.30am Arrive at Brymawr Farm, Craven Arms, Shropshire SY7 8QU

11.00am Club meeting starts

12.15am Tour of Brymawr herd


2.00pm Tour of the Cow Hall herd


Finish approx. 4.00pm

Agendas and further details to be circulated shortly. For catering purposes, please let either Keith Siddorn (01829 782117) or David Fenton (01580 762395) know in plenty of time if you are hoping to attend the day.

By thbc, May 24 2016 02:12PM

Breed Champion: Albany Sable (F W Cook & Son)

Reserve Breed Champion: Albany Oblivion (F W Cook & Son)

Bull, any age

1st: Albany Oblivion (F W Cook & Son)

2nd: Langridge Saracen (Miss F V Cook)

Cow or heifer with calf at foot

1st: Boresisle Curly 39th (Mrs C Redmayne)

Cow or heifer in calf

1st: Carpenters Curly 3rd (Mrs H MacLeod)

2nd: Herouldmede Venus 2nd (Woods van Beele Partnership)

Maiden heifer

1st: Albany Sable (F W Cook & Son)

2nd: Berthllwyd Grace Evelyn (Mr T Pritchard)

3rd: Albany Oyster Girl 18th (F W Cook & Son)

4th: Carpenters Silver 3rd (Mrs H MacLeod)

5th: Herouldmede Ruby 4th (Woods van Beele Partnership)

6th: Carpenters Venus 12th (Mrs H MacLeod)

Best pair of animals, exhibitor bred: Mrs H MacLeod

Pictured top: Albany Sable

Pictured below: Albany Oblivion

By thbc, Mar 3 2016 02:57PM

The AGM of the Traditional Hereford Breeders' Club will be held on 9th March at 11am at Hereford House.

For more details, please contact Club Secretary David Fenton.

By thbc, Mar 1 2016 10:34AM

The livestock schedule and entry forms can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the following link:



By showing your Original Population cattle you are not only promoting your own herd, you are promoting the breed as a whole and helping to raise our profile in the beef industry. Let's get plenty of cattle out there for all to see and put on a fantastic show!

If you're not sure where to start, get in touch and the Club can provide practical help and friendly advice on how to show your cattle - it really is good fun and you'll be doing your bit for the breed at the same time.

By thbc, Feb 4 2016 12:09PM

The THBC is offering £10 per Original Population Hereford exhibit forward at our three main shows in 2016: Royal Welsh Spring Festival, Royal Three Counties Show and Royal County of Berkshire Show.

It is hoped that this will encourage plenty of entries for this year’s shows to put on a super display of cattle and promote our breed!

If you need any practical help or advice to get started showing, contact Club Chairman Les Cook by phone on 07818 632353 or email albanycattle@btopenworld.com.