About the Breed

Original Population Herefords are the original low input, high output native cattle, due to their grass conversion, conformation and longevity.


Their ability to thrive on forage alone and produce from it a great deal of expensive meat is a valuable quality in any pedigree or crossbred commercial suckler herd.


This means that you can improve the feed conversion rate and conformation of sub-standard finishing stock in just one generation by using an Original Population Hereford bull.

A Shamrock

Hereford mothers should be milky and correctly built, allowing them to continually produce stock that are easily calved, grow quickly and wean at a good weight.


They are a naturally maternal and docile animal, a great advantage to larger commercial producers and smallholders alike.

Breeding females

OGara in Holland

Bulls are easy to handle, and keen to cover everything when in amongst the cows.


Their strong bone structure and sound feet and legs allow them to work to a great age, and natural thickness and conformation means that they can retain a comparitively high killing value at the end of their working life.


Original Population Hereford sires also breed consistency. Their finishing stock will be fleshy and compact, and will convert grass well into quality meat.

Breeding bulls