As well as its members, the Traditional Hereford Breeders Club consists of a group of breeders and experts who run the administration of Club matters. We are always willing to help both current and potential members with any enquiries regarding the Club or the cattle, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Chairman - Mr L Cook


Deputy Chairman - Mrs H MacLeod


Secretary - Mr D Fenton


Membership Secretary & Treasurer - Mr K Siddorn


Breed Census & Records - Mr P Talbot


Publicity & Events Team


Miss S Cook, Mrs H MacLeod, Mr G Pritchard, Ms S Woods


Contact us for matters regarding anything you would like advertised for sale or wanted, items for inclusion in the newsletter or on the website, Traditional Hereford news and photos, and any other general enquiries.

The Club

The Traditional Hereford Breeders Club was formed in 1996 by Hereford Cattle breeders within the UK who wished to maintain the Native or Original Population of Hereford Cattle, who were bred from cattle that were born and reared in Great Britain and Ireland, and whose ancestry is traceable to the 1878 Herd Book.

Become a member

The Club welcomes all new members who are either breeding Original Population Hereford cattle, using our genetics in non-Original herds or have an interest in the promotion and growth of the breed and would like to support us.


Contact our Membership Secretary to become a member of the Club:


Keith Siddorn, Meadow Bank, Broxton, Chester, Cheshire CH3 9JS


Telephone: +44 (0)1829 782117     Email: keith@ksiddorn.myzen.co.uk


Click here to download membership forms

How we work

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