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Brigadier commands top spot at Shropshire County

Breed Champion Carpenters Brigadier

In the Traditional Hereford section at Shropshire County Show on 25th May, it was the three-year-old bull Carpenters Brigadier, exhibited by Mrs S Cowle, Aylesbury, which claimed the Championship under judge Mr C Smith of Laxfield Herefords, Carmarthen. Purchased by Mrs Cowle in the 2023 Grass Masters sale from breeders I & H MacLeod, this bull joined the newly-formed Eutierria herd of Original Population animals at HighHedges Herefords in Buckinghamshire.

Reserve Breed Champion Carpenters Curly 20th

Standing in reserve was another Carpenters animal, the in-calf heifer Carpenters Curly 20th bred and exhibited by Mrs H MacLeod, Malvern, which also won the Female Championship just ahead of 2019-born cow Boresisle Regina 87th, bred by Mr & Mrs D Fenton and exhibited by Mrs S Cowle, shown with her April-born heifer calf Eutierria Regina 1st at foot.

Winning the John Featherstone Perpetual Trophy for the best yearling animal in the Traditional Hereford classes was junior heifer class winner Carpenters Curly 21st, also from Mrs H MacLeod, which is one of the lots entered into the upcoming Grass Masters Online Sale on 28 - 30 June.


Breed Champion, Male Champion Carpenters Brigadier, Mrs S Cowle

Reserve Breed Champion, Exhibitor-bred Champion, Female Champion Carpenters Curly 20th, Mrs H MacLeod

Reserve Female Champion Boresisle Regina 87th, Mrs S Cowle

Reserve Male Champion Albany Obsidian, Mr L Cook

John Featherstone Trophy for best yearling Carpenters Curly 21st, Mrs H MacLeod

Bull, any age 1st Carpenters Brigadier, Mrs S Cowle; 2nd Albany Obsidian, Mr L Cook; 3rd Carpenters Lysander, Mrs H MacLeod.

Cow, born in or before 2021 1st Boresisle Regina 87th, Mrs S Cowle

Heifer, born in 2022 1st Carpenters Curly 20th, Mrs H MacLeod; 2nd Albany Oyster Girl 25th, Mr L Cook, 3rd Hockerwood Caroline, Mr P Lynn; 4th Albany Oyster Girl 24th, Mr L Cook

Heifer, born in 2023 1st Carpenters Curly 21st, Mrs H Macleod

Pair of animals 1st Carpenters, Mrs H MacLeod; 2nd Albany, Mr L Cook


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