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OP Hereford Beef

A pleasure to cook coupled with very high eating quality, the beef from Original Population Hereford is a supreme product on the market today. As a true native breed, they display many advantages when it comes to beef production:


The beef produced has a high level of intramuscluar fat, which helps to provide flavour and tenderness during the cooking and eating of the meat, more so with a native breed than many of the continentals.


Native and traditional breeds also tend to convert grass and forage better than some of the more extreme, faster-growing continental cattle. The Original Population Hereford is without a doubt one of the best converters, which allows them to finish off grass alone.

Fat cover

Original Population Hereford cattle will lay down an even layer of fat on top of their naturally well-developed muscle which allows the finisher to select the ideal grade at which to slaughter for any particular market. A moderate level of fat cover ensures that moisture is sealed in during the cooking process, which also aids in the eating quality of the meat.

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