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Melton Mowbray Native & Traditional Breeds Sale

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

The Traditional Hereford breed sported 23 entries forward for the 20th Annual Native & Traditional Breeds Sale, held at Melton Mowbray Market on Saturday 9th September, which included the final dispersal of the Margarita herd of R Hodson-Walker.

Top prices on the day included 1,350gns (£1,417) for the 2019-born cow Margarita Countess S240 [*], sold to Vanish Point Farm, Northants, along with three-year-old second calver Margarita Julia T243 [*] with her heifer calf Margarita Julia A298 [*] at 1,300gns (£1,365) to the same buyer. Also selling at 1,300gns (£1,365) was Margarita Oyster Girl V263 [*] with heifer calf Margarita Oyster Girl A313 [*] at foot, purchased by Underwood Lodge Farm, Gaddesby. All three of the top-priced females are sired by Laxfield Jefferson [*] bred by D C Smith & Sons, their calves at foot having been sired by Boresisle Saber [*] bred by D & J Fenton.

Next up at 1,150gns (£1,207) was Margarita Countess V273 [*], sold with her April-born bull calf Margarita Appelino [*] at foot to T Robinson, Buxton, followed by Margarita Plum S238 [*] with heifer calf Margarita Plum A302 [*] at foot, selling to R D White & Partners, Northampton, for 1,100gns (£1,155).

A pair of smart, autumn 2022-born heifer calves, bred and exhibited by Martin Percival, Ipswich, reached 1,040gns (£1,092) for Glansevin Regina 5th [*] and 1,030gns (£1,081) for Glansevin Curly 3rd [*], both sired by Laxfield Juror [*] and selling to J D Botham, Brough.

Cows & calves (6 sold) averaged 1,192gns/£1251

Maiden heifers (15 sold) averaged 521gns/£547

Bulls (2 sold) averaged 1,035gns/£1,087

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