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Royal Three Counties Show

It was a successful weekend for Traditional Hereford breeders exhibiting at the Royal Three Counties Show on Sunday 18th June, as classes got underway in the National Rare & Minority Breeds Show.

Taking the Interbreed Cattle Championship under judge Mrs F Wise, Berkshire, was the Traditional Hereford Breed Champion Albany Sailor from F W Cook & Son, Cambridge. This two-year-old bull also teamed up with the Reserve Breed Champion, in-calf heifer Carpenters Curly 18th exhibited by The Elms School, Colwall, to take the reserve spot in the hotly contested Interbreed Cattle Pairs Competition.

This pairing was decided by results from the breed classes judged earlier in the day by Mr Dean Whybrow, Letchworth, who selected his champions from a strong lineup put forward by eight exhibitors, all of which are to be congratulated on bringing out their cattle and supporting the show.

Members also worked hard to attend to the THBC trade stand, chatting to potential purchasers and announcing the release of the catalogue for the forthcoming Grass Masters Online Sale of Traditional Hereford cattle and embryos, which runs from 7th - 9th June 2023. We are extremely grateful to all of our exhibitors and young handlers for their enthusiasm in presenting a wonderful show of cattle, and we look forward to attending again next year on Sunday 16th June 2024.


Interbreed Champion, Breed Champion Albany Sailor, F W Cook & Son

Reserve Breed Champion Carpenters Curly 18th, The Elms School

Bull, any age 1st Albany Sailor, F W Cook & Son; 2nd Caebach Sydney, N & R Johnson

Cow, in calf or with calf at foot, born on or before 31st December 2020 1st Carpenters Laura, Mrs H MacLeod

Heifer, born in 2021 1st Carpenters Curly 18th, The Elms School; 2nd Caebach Unity, N & R Johnson; 3rd Gavelock Curly 3rd, Mrs C Redmayne; 4th Albany Larissa, The Elms School

Heifer, born on or after 1st January 2022 1st Albany Prettymaid 32nd, F W Cook & Son; 2nd Poolhullock Silk 35th, Mr J Helme; 3rd Carpenters Curly 20th, Mrs H Macleod; 4th Langridge Snazzy, Miss F Cook; 5th Lower Eaton Sylvia 54th, Mr M Horton

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