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Summer Herd Visit 2019

The Traditional Hereford Breeders Club would like to thank Liz and John Brunskill of Farncombe Farm, Lambourn for putting together such a wonderful day for our Club meeting and summer herd visit. Around 40 members were greeted with coffee and refreshments before commencing the meeting, afterwards being invited to view a pen of steers and guess their weights. After a sumptuous lunch we set off to view the 100 or so cattle which are extensively grazed on the rolling hills of the Lambourn Downs, which included a lovely, even bunch of yearling heifers grazing with some Welsh Badger Faced sheep. The cows and calves running with stock bull Boresisle Remus were in an 88 acre field along the top of the downs with an excellent group of young steers next door. The farm is affiliated to the Pasture Fed for Life Association and the cattle live out throughout the winter, having access to home produced hay. The grassland has been seeded with a native wildflower and grass mix under stewardship and no chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used, with the beef being sold from the farm gate as branded ‘Brunskill Beef’. The members made their way home after another cup of tea, having had a most enjoyable day.

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