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Summer Herd Visit proves popular with members

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Hosted by the team at Awnell's Farm, Much Marcle, and by kind invitation of well-known Hereford breeder David Powell of the Street herd, the THBC Summer Herd Visit was fantastically well-attended by members from far and wide on Wednesday 21st June.

This 220-acre grassland farm sports magnificent mature apple orchards, supplying Weston's Cider and hosting a number of visits and open days throughout the year, where people can view the cattle grazing amongst the apple trees. Awnell's is also home to eleven-year-old Hereford steer Jock, who has become somewhat of a local celebrity as a 'gentle giant' from touring RBST events (though he's now mainly used within the herd to alert the stockman when a cow is ready to be AI'd), alongside a herd of Golden Guernsey goats which produce milk to be made into Jolly G's Ice Cream.

The pedigree Hereford herd consists of both Traditional and British Polled genetics, utilising a combination of live bulls and AI to maintain the breeding programme within a closed herd. Steers and surplus heifers are finished to produce top-quality beef boxes for sale in the local area, and the group were lucky enough to be provided with fantastic roast beef rolls for lunch from the latest batch of Awnell's beef, followed by their delicious goat's milk ice cream, before an afternoon tour of the cattle.

The Club wishes to thank David and his hardworking team at Awnell's for hosting this year's summer meeting and herd visit, and thanks also go to all who attended for making it such an enjoyable day. The next meeting of the Club will be held at the offices of the RBST, Stoneleigh Park, on Wednesday 22nd November 2023 - details to follow from the Club Secretary in due course.


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