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Summer visit travels to Rhydri and Caebach herds

One of the highlights in the Traditional Hereford Breeders' Club calendar is the summer meeting and herd visit, which took place this year on Wednesday 19th June and was kindly hosted by the Crow family at Rhydri, near Caerphilly in Wales. Andrew and Gillian Crow generously lent the use of a beautifully appointed meeting room in the roof of one of the farm buildings, and after the meeting members enjoyed sampling pulled Traditional Hereford beef brisket rolls and beef dripping-cooked chips from Rhydri Fresh, the boxed meat enterprise of Andrew & Gill's daughter Rebecca and her husband Neil Johnson.

Club Secretary Helen MacLeod (L) thanks hosts Gillian & Andrew Crow

The visit took in both of the family's herds of cattle, first the Rhydri herd of Andrew & Gill, whose farm comprises attractive fields of species-rich grassland overlooking Cardiff and the Bristol Channel, before moving on to the nearby Caebach herd of Neil & Rebecca, another grassland farm producing outdoor-reared beef & lamb for sale in South Wales and beyond.

For both of these herds, a strong emphasis has been placed on producing efficient and hardy animals which clearly excel at grass-based beef production, and the quality of the cow herds shone through in the body conformation and correctness of the females of all ages, as well as in the groups of strong spring-born calves at foot.

The Club wishes to thank all of our hosts and their many helpers for putting on a first-class day of talking cattle, catching up with friends, and a tremendous spread of food enjoyed by all! The next THBC Summer Herd Visit will be held on Wednesday 18th June 2025.


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